Child, I began to express myself by the drawing before speaking.
My personal evolution was made through my vision of the art. Ceaselessly in search of the movement and of the light which(who) flirt and base themselves (establish themselves, themselves) with the forms and the space, and vice versa. The nature does not like the space, when a space releases itself, every thing (matter) moves towards a new place (square).
Without movement and light, no life can continue.
It is a whole in osmosis, where the vision of a world materialist bottom towards the invisible, because it is not enough to see, but to perceive (collect), to smell, but to feel. In the limits of the material (subject), our perceptive reality is not any more a certainty, it faints, becomes vague and disappears. Know how to listen to all which surrounds us, and especially these silences so rich in feelings, opens the door in what, in the depths of ourselves, connects (binds) us with the timeless.
The art is the universal witness (baton) of our existence through space-time.
My personal search (research) through the paint (painting) wants to be the fusion (merger) of the inheritance